Rock Bridge Farmstead

Rock Bridge Farmstead has grown over the years. Homesteading definitely takes time, so if you are just getting started, don’t be discouraged!  Our farm began in 2014 when we bought our first home, planted our first large garden and purchased our first chickens and goats. It was a dream come true!

Five years later we are raising thousands of bees, hens for eggs, meat birds, meat rabbits, Nigerian dwarf goats, kunekune pigs, and a vermiculture worm farm. We also have a small fruit tree orchard, and ever growing garden full of all kinds of fruit, vegetables and herbs.

Everything we do on our farmstead we do as a family.  We have two amazing children who participate in almost every part of homestead life. Our projects take a little longer because our kids help, ask questions and learn as we do those projects. We take every opportunity to spend time in nature, and educate our children about the important things in life.

If you would’ve told me 10 years ago we would be where we are now, I would have told you that you were crazy.  

Thanks for following us on this journey. 

~ Greg and Marrianne



Greg grew up in a very rural part of West Virginia.  They had chickens, a garden and canned their produce out of necessity. The skills he learned as a child would later come in handy when he started his own homestead. Greg handles most of the responsibilities regarding the animals on the farm and is the project manager and builder too. Greg is all around a very handy guy! He’s the dreamer of the homestead. He always has good ideas, and big visions for what is to come. He is also the researcher around here! He is constantly reading, and learning new things to add to his skill set. Lastly he is the heart behind beekeeping. He loves everything about keeping bees.

Things Greg enjoys

• Tinkering and all things mechanical

• Cast iron collecting

• Bourbon

• Vintage and old stuff

• Beekeeping

• Eating good homegrown food


Marrianne is originally from Detroit, so farming definitely isn’t something she grew up with. Her family always had a garden though and enjoyed delicious backyard food. Her connection to nature has always been strong. She later discovered in life her love for hiking, backpacking and all things outdoors. From that love stemmed her love of gardening and farming. She and Greg always dreamt of one day owning their very own homestead. She didn’t have much farm know-how but was willing to work hard to learn. She often handles the plant/garden side of homesteading and is also a Graphic Designer by trade.

Things Marrianne enjoys

• Antiques and thrift store shopping

• Flowers, natural remedies and of course gardening

• Camping and hiking

• Art, painting and design

• Homeschooling our kids

• 1960’s-1970’s music