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Homesteading with Kids

Homesteading with Kids

Homesteading with children is a huge joy!

Homesteading with children is also very difficult.

Any other homestead parents out here struggle with the balance? Our children are still toddlers, and getting basic tasks done can be difficult. I can’t begin to tell you how many timesI’ve had to put down my shovel or stop whatever project I was working on mid-way. If i’m working on a project outside it’s best if done when one of them is napping, or in the evenings when my husband is home from work, but that’s not always possible. I’ve found that there are a few things you can do to keep kids busy while you have things to get done on the homestead. Eventually they will have to “go potty” or need a snack. It’s inevitable!

A few tips to get things done with kids on the homestead:

  • keep your goals small (work on projects that take a shorter amount of time)
  • involve the kids (use the project to teach them something!)
  • give them a job (think of small ways they can be involved in the task you are doing)
  • bring activities for them to do while you work (bubbles, dinosaurs/animals, chalk, rocks and water with paint brushes)
  • make up games for them to play where you are working (“I spy with my little eye,” or toss nuts/acorns etc into a bucket)
  • sing songs together (think of children’s songs like Old McDonald, Down By the Bay etc. that get the kids involved.)
  • have fun! (think of projects that are fun for the kids to participate in)
  • bring books for them to read
  • snacks/popsicles (mid-day treats are nice for when the kids are tired of doing the same thing all day).

Some projects do just need your full attention so try to work when the kids are asleep or hire a sitter.

What things do you do to balance your homestead, business, and home life? Comment below!

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